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During the Event
We show up early to make sure things are set up as planned. We’ll conduct sound checks, run through the various videos and power point presentations, check lighting, and ensure everything is in place for a superb show. As directed we shall help coordinate your volunteers through the various profit centers. We shall promote the profit centers with your guests, and be sure these money generating activities are getting the attention of your guests. We shall be there to properly represent you and your mission. We’re part of your team.

As needed, we can perform as emcee’s for the evening, to include making announcements and introductions. We can perform a "rolling close" or "count down" for the Silent Auction, as well as facilitate the opening or closing of a variety of profit center activities. We can provide leadership and direction to your volunteers for the various profit centers in the room, and encourage your guests to bid.

When the live auction begins, we shall take the stage and deliver exceptional Entertainment, Energy, and Excitement. Most important, we’ll conduct an auction that leaves no money on the table. This is where the teamwork and pre-event planning all pays off.

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After the Event
Just because the auction ends, doesn’t mean we’re done. We’ll stay to make sure your guests are properly thanked. We make a point of personally recognizing the bidders and generous supporters. We are there to answer questions and assist as needed.  

But we’re still not done. Included in our services is a post-event debriefing. We will work with your team to look at what worked well, and what changes could have a positive impact on future events. With volunteers and committee leaders constantly changing, we are a key team member that helps to ensure continuity year after year.