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Well, Duh, right? Beyond the obvious, achieving this goal year after year depends entirely on the steps you take to get there. DBAC truly cares about what’s important to your organization. We recognize and appreciate that every client is dynamic, and their objectives are unique. That’s why we focus first on understanding your organization, its mission, and what you want to accomplish with your fund raising event. Above all, we never forget that it’s your event. Nobody knows your ‘audience’ better than you, so everyone benefits from a collaborative effort. We’ll bring a wealth of ideas and experience to enhance or build upon previous successes, but you’ll make the call as to what will or won’t work at your event. The people who support and believe in your mission, guide your organization, and especially those who benefit all want the same thing.
Maximize Net Dollars Raised
Every person who writes a check, donates an item, buys a ticket, serves on a committee, buys an ad in your program, or assembles a basket, they all have something in common. They’re deserving of our sincere appreciation. And there are a myriad of appropriate ways to achieve this. When this is done properly these “VIP”s are more supportive, engaged, and enthusiastic about your organization. The return on the effort is long term and immeasurable.
Acknowledge, Recognize, and Appreciate
This is the grease that makes everything run smooth as it should. Let’s say that you’re offering 10 items in your LIVE auction, and you have 500 people in the room. That means about 480 of them are going home without a LIVE item. That said, you definitely want to send them all away having enjoyed a most entertaining and memorable experience. You want to show them you appreciate their generosity and support by putting on a great show. Because a vibrant, entertaining auction is vital to your audience’s support of the paddle raise or fund-to-need. What’s more, you know that your event is so much more than merely raising dollars. There are future board members, sponsors and donors in that room and for that reason alone you want to put your best foot forward. DBAC excels at bringing an upbeat, exceptional, and professionally produced LIVE Auction and Fund-to-Need performance to your event. Our auctioneers each have over 20 years experience knowing how to work the audience, entertain, and raise top dollars.
Engage and Entertain