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Bart Darfler

Bart feels blessed to have found a vocation that he truly loves. His passion and enthusiasm for contributing significant value to an organization’s fund raising effort is the cornerstone of DBAC’s success.  
Bryan Kinsley

​Bryan has worked in the auction industry since 1999 and has worked thousands of auctions of all kinds during his auction career.

Bryan works as an auctioneer as well as a ringman. He has tremendous enthusiasm and energy that brings fun and excitement to any auction.

He truly enjoys working the gala/benefit/fundraiser sales for various charitable organizations. He has worked hundreds of these auctions for organizations ranging from the local school to worldwide charitable operations with multiple locations. The success of the auction represents all of the fantastic work the organization can continue to do for their cause.

He is a proud member of the National Auctioneers Association as well as the Florida Auctioneers Association.
Bart continues to seek out and attend non-profit fund raising seminars and classes, thereby bringing added benefits to his valued clients. In 2007 Bart completed the National Auctioneer’s Association “Benefit Auction Specialist” designation training. This unique and cutting edge training was instrumental in Bart learning all aspects of planning and producing a sustainable, record setting fund raising benefit.  

It does not matter if the event is being hosted outside, in a tent, a grand ballroom or a convention center; whether he is in front of 60 P.E.O. sisters or 1,200 revelers at an LPGA Golf Tournament Bart loves giving his all to achieve his client’s goals. He loves what he does. He is currently serving clients, performing benefit auctions, and licensed in IL, IN, and FL.
But, first and foremost DBAC’s ongoing success is because Bart’s dad, Gene Darfler, was such a terrific role model and mentor to him. Gene was one of the very first benefit auctioneers in North America, coordinating and conducting the Open Door Fund Raising and Sandwich Fair Livestock auctions back in the 70’s. Gene encouraged Bart to attend auctioneer’s college, and in 1990, Bart completed the Mason City College of Auctioneering curriculum.  
Bart Darfler (Pictured Above)
Gene Darfler (Pictured Above)
Bryan Kinsley (Pictured Above)